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Any C.P.A. firm can record history. Our firm will help you build a future.



We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors that are proactive with helping our client’s business grow.

Business Advisory

Proactive Growth…

Our business advisory services are tailored to help your company become compliant, tax efficient, and more organized. Our business advisory plan will help you become more strategic in the way you manage your business and monetize your most valuable asset.

Have You Had A Strategy Session With Your C.P.A. Lately?

Many C.P.A. firms focus on one objective, minimizing taxes. While that is an important strategy it is not always the best for every company all the time. It is important for a business owner to identify and understand both their long and short term goals for their company and align their tax strategy to those goals.

This is how our firm is different than most C.P.A. firms as we help business owners plan and manage their tax situation rather than react to it when it is often too late. We get to know our clients. Our business advisory service reviews their goals so that we can build a tax plan that aligns with these goals.

These services are tailored Our advisory services are tailored to help clients become compliant, tax efficient, get more organized, become more strategic in the way they manage their business and eventually monetize their most valuable asset. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors that are proactive with helping our client’s business grow.

Look Through the Windshield
Not Just The Rearview Mirror

A Business Advisory Plan Helps You Steer Where You Want Your Business To Go

We Take A Different Approach

As a business owner, it is important to have good information to make good decisions. Despite a wave of new technology changing the face of accounting, we offer what basic accountants and tax preparers can’t – strategic client service and counsel on everything from forecasting to expense analysis to increasing growth margins.

We think beyond the information on the spreadsheet and help guide you towards your goals while avoiding pitfalls that many growing businesses face. Business advisory services focus on strategic planning and execution for the success and growth of your business.

Business Advisory Services

When you engage us for business advisory services we help you with four key areas:

Compliance Services

FMA C.P.A. has been providing tax and accounting services for more than a quarter of a century. Our team is very experienced and we go beyond what is expected from typical C.P.A. firms.

Organizational Services

As a business owner, it is important to have good information to make good decisions. We review your financial statements and chart of accounts to make sure the financial statements are meaningful and reflect actual performance. We also help you analyze business expenses and look for opportunities to increase profitability and cash flow.

Tax Efficiency Services

We provide tax strategies with your goals in mind. Minimizing taxes is one strategy, but it is not always the best in every circumstance. FMA C.P.A. helps you choose the right strategies to be the most tax efficient you can be based on your goals.

Strategic Financial Services

Budget and cash flow forecasting is important for business owners to ensure that the activities support the business and owner’s goals.  We meet with you regularly to analyze your comp[any performance and adjust where appropriate. Our goal is to help you build value in your company and eventually transfer your most important retirement asset to your personal balance sheet.

Our Process…

Our process starts with an initial meeting where our Relationship Team gets to know your company.  We learn about the company history, its current successes/challenges, and goals for the company and its stakeholders.  From this meeting, we develop a business advisory plan – list of tasks that we work together to prioritize and complete over time.  Throughout the year we meet periodically to teach best practices, discuss the status of these tasks and schedule the next steps.  Our goal is to help you identify those items that will help build value in your business, improve profitability and stay on the path of accomplishing your goals.

Business advisory plan - Clearwater, FL

Areas of Engagement


  • Tax Preparation and Filing:
    • Corporate
    • Personal
    • State
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
  • Payroll Services
  • Review of current payroll process/provider
  • Annual Corporate Filing (State)



  • Create Custom Tax Efficiency Plan
  • Capital Needs Analysis
  • Personal/Corporate Tax Review
  • Audit Risk Review
  • Owner Compensation Strategy
  • Accountable/Reimbursement Plan
  • Review of Auto Expense Policy
  • Fringe Benefit Analysis
  • Self-Directed Retirement Plans
  • Independent Contractor Vs. Employee
  • Hiring Family Members
  • Passive Income
  • Rental Property Strategies
  • Maximize Tax Credits


  • Analysis of Corporate Agreements
  • Business Expense Analysis
  • Accounting System Review
  • Chart of Accounts Analysis
  • Accounting System Clean Up
  • Review Status of Corporate Books
  • Risk Mitigation Analysis
  • Entity Selection/Corporate Structure
  • Business Plan Review


  • Review of Financial Management Tools
  • Managing Debt/Leverage
  • Support Acquisition of Financing
  • Review Succession/Exit Planning Strategies
  • Balance Sheet Analysis and Strategies
  • Strategies for Growing Business Value
  • Monetizing Your Business
  • Cash Flow Planning and Forecasting
  • Working Capital Needs Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Rent Vs. Buy Analysis
  • Create Financial Management Tools
  • Acquisition Due Diligence

Relationship Team

Business advisory service reviews - Clearwater, FL

FMA C.P.A. uses a team approach when partnering with clients. Our staff has extensive experience in business consulting, tax planning and preparation and accounting services. Each advisory client is assigned a team so that they have multiple people within organization that knows and can support the plan. The relationship team consists of the following:

Relationship Manager

The lead advisor responsible for managing the client relationship and process.

Accountant In Charge

The accountant in charge that ensures that financial information is accurate and is representative of the business activity.

Tax Planner

The person responsible for formulating the tax efficiency plan.

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